Media Overview

F-Store Hamburg

 Please mention the Photo Credit: Oliver Heissner

Before we opened the original F-Shop Hamburg, we did some thorough research. We asked three German truckers and grandma Freitag who lives in the Ruhrpott. We wanted to be sure. The truckers loved Hamburg’s red light district, the Kiez. Grandma loved the island of Sylt a couple of hours’ drive outside of the city. And that’s how it happened. In 2002.

People told us we’d never do business at the Klosterwall. «Nobody goes there!» Well, turns out they do, for FREITAG. And because they didn’t for the gallery next door, we expanded in October 2004: from 60 to 140 square meters, from 542 to 700 bags, from warehouse-aesthetics to the mirrored truckstop shop.

L: 140 square meter
XL: Mirrored TRUCKSTOPSHOP: 12 x 2,5 x 3 meters
XXL: Over 700 individual bags permanent stock
Architecture: blauraum architekten, Hamburg
Display Design: FREITAG

FREITAG Store Hamburg, Klosterwall #9, D-20095 Hamburg