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Big in Japan

Mention the Photo Credit: Kentaro Takahashi

The Japanese have always been leaders in everything customized. And even though trucks in Japan drive on the wrong side of the road, Nippon was among the first overseas markets to understand and embrace the concept of FREITAG. That is why, despite language issues, a horrible time difference, and 12-hour economy flights the Swiss used-truck-tarpindividual- bag-manufacturer opens its 9th FREITAG Store in Tokyo.

Asia’s first FREITAG Store is situated in a landmark building named «a friend of Ginza» on the legendary Ginza shopping strip and thus should be easy enough to find. Stocked with 1'200 unique bags in award-winning FREITAG V30 Skid storage racks, the store will finally relieve Japanese recyclopolites of having to look long and hard to find an individual freewaybag of their liking.

Of course, the new FREITAG Store also includes a Repair Center. Because Swiss Quality is not only defined by durability, but also by repairability. Ohaynomol grüezaimas!

104-0061 1-13-12, Ginza, Chuo-ku, Tokyo