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FREITAG Store Berlin

Please mention the Photo Credit: Florian Braun

New FREITAG Store opens in Berlin.

Just in time for spring, FREITAG pushes a branch to Berlin. After Davos, Hamburg, Zurich and Cologne, this is the fifth FREITAG Store which sells nothing but bags made from recycled truck tarps, bicycle inner tubes and car seatbelts.

Proof that not just every FREITAG bag is unique, but also every FREITAG Store lies in all the prizes, we’ve been awarded for our Zurich and Hamburg locations by architects in turtlenecks. Go, see and make up your own mind.


  • The biggest single POS wall FREITAG has ever built: six meters and two stories high, with a total of 1'600 bags.
  • Smack in the middle of the shop, which used to be a dye factory, there’s a street. You can even still see the sidewalks. Definitely a shop with trucker genes.
  • In the shop you’ll find an «Exhibition Room», where we take lots of liberty to dramatize FREITAG stories and actions.
  • Last but not least, our new shop racks sprout out of the ground: a new modular concept known from Swiss gym halls.

FREITAG Store Berlin, Max-Beer-Strasse 3, D-10119 Berlin