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In 2017, FREITAG invents the first one-of-a-kind intercontinental bag that’s spacious when you need it, and compact when you don’t: F733 ZIPPELIN. After the successful first flight of the inflatable travel airship on, the Zurich bag manufacturers have decided to include F733 ZIPPELIN in their bag collection, starting mid-January 2019.

For more than 25 years now, FREITAG has been using old truck tarpaulins to make robust, multifunctional bags that all look completely different from each other. And for almost as long, fans of the Zurich-based bag makers have yearned for a big, rugged, one-off travel bag they could recognize anywhere at a distance and never mistake for another at baggage reclaim, even without a label.

The flash of inspiration it took to transform a limp old piece of truck tarp into a stable, large-format travel bag that, even only half-full, wouldn't exceed the free baggage limit imposed by the world's airlines took its time coming. The solution FREITAG's product developers and prototype cutters hit on is as unusual as it's compelling. Because it isn't based on some bulky frame-like container or semi-finished shell, but actually comes from FREITAG's favorite means of transport. Hidden away inside the F733 ZIPPELIN is a common-or-garden bicycle inner tube you can inflate with a standard pump and, thanks to the zip, replace quickly and simply.

It makes the F733 ZIPPELIN a light, tough long-haul one-off on skateboard ball-bearing rollers and at the same time solves the storage problem facing luggage owners without an attic or cellar to call their own. Because when your vacation's over and you let out the air, the 85-liter bag shows its true greatness. Rolled up, the F733 ZIPPELIN takes up no more space in your closet than the two liters of booze you bought at duty-free.

Review Kickstarter campaign 2017: It didn’t even take FREITAG a whole day to reach their funding goal of EUR 100,000 - meaning that the F733 ZIPPELIN quickly lifted off into real-life production. During the campaign, exactly 1,071 backers (supporters) grabbed a F733 ZIPPELIN, selecting their perfect travel bag from a range of unique options. More info: More info:

Technical Information
Launch: January 17, 2019
Dimensions: 850 x 420 x 250 mm, 33.5 x 16.5 x 10 inch (l x w x h)
rolled up: 200 x 420 x 200 mm, 8 x 16.5 x 8 inch (l x w x h)
Volume: 85 liters
Price: CHF 880.- / EUR 820.- / GBP 730.- / USD 980.- excl. TAX / JPY 125'400.- / CNY 7'410.- / KRW 1'180'000.-

Available at all FREITAG Stores, selected resellers, and at


Inflatable, made from used truck tarpaulins, and with a capacity of 85 liters: when rolled up, the one-off travel bag from Zurich-based bag manufacturer FREITAG needs no more space than the two-liter bottle of booze from duty-free.

Dimensions: 85 × 42 × 25 cm
Dimensions Burrito (rolled up): ca. 42 × 20 × 20 cm
Volume: 85 liters
Weight: ca. 3.6 kg

Made of robust, water-repellent truck tarps that spent their first lives traveling the roads of Europe on heavy goods vehicles

Cut by hand in Zurich: every bag a one-off

Stability without shells or struts thanks to a standard 28” bicycle inner tube that inflates with a regular pump and, thanks to a zip, can be simply replace

In between vacations, it rolls up to save space for easy storage

Front: lockable double-zipper access to the main compartment with an additional safety belt that serves as a shoulder strap on terrain where rollers are impractical
Top: two top grips make it easy to pull with your right or left hand
Below: stainless-steel, quick-release axle with 100-mm metal core stunt wheels for wheel-free check-in. Protective strips and base reinforcement prevent damage to the bottom of the bag and keep it firmly upright
Sides: straps keep bag compact, make it easy to roll up and are handy for holding unusually long objects – one-handed grip for lifting and carrying short distances and address pocket on the left – extra zipper sleeve on the right
Back: lockable quick-access zip flap to main compartment – access to valve – zip for fast, easy inner tube replacement – zipper compartment for wheels and axle – zipper compartment for small stuff like documents – sleeve for flat stuff like magazines
Inside: bags of room and a side pocket


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