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F707 STRATOS Movie

Vimeo high-res movie download here. 

For the F707 STRATOS launch, the crew of zweihund scripted and brought a bizarre, non-traditional film to life. An airbag in the wrong place at the wrong time, intentionally embedded in incoherent moments and absurd situations, purposefully far away from the FREITAG universe. The story is stretched like an arc until the end, and the sorted-out airbag finally finds its new vocation. This visual firework is underpinned with sounds from Tschong-Gil Kummert and special effects by Simple Mechanik.

Concept, Production & Cast: zweihund
Special effects: Simple Mechanik
Music: TeGeKa Airbag composed by Tschong-Gil Kummert


Media release, August 18, 2021

F707 STRATOS – the Pop-Out Backpack made out of B-stock airbag material

The latest FREITAG backpack is born out of the friendship between a used truck tarp and its airbag. Its name: F707 STRATOS.

For once, the Zurich-based bag manufacturers at FREITAG aren’t just giving discarded truck tarps a new life as one-off bags—they’re giving B-stock airbag material a second chance, too. The fabric used for the new FREITAG pop-out backpack was originally intended to be an airbag that would deploy in an emergency and save lives. Unfortunately, it narrowly failed one of its many quality tests and was rejected.
While F707 STRATOS itself may not save lives, there might be times when it saves your day. Because, despite all the buzz around mindfulness and downsizing, there are occasions when your hands are full, and you need more room, and a bigger bag. And you need it fast. That’s when F707 STRATOS steps up to the plate. A lightweight rucksack that doubles as a shoulder bag and, when you need it, unfolds from the tarp pocket as fast as an deploying airbag.
So, while the A-stock stuff, the authentic airbag material, has long been packed into a steering wheel, literally waiting for an accident to happen, our B-stock fabric has been living the good life. One full of the purpose you give it and free of fear from the sudden crash. Not as an airbag. But as a lifesaver of a different sort.

F707 STRATOS - Functions and Features

The FREITAG pop-out backpack, made from discarded truck tarps and unused airbags, and designed for lightweight and even slightly heavier-duty transport needs.

  • Backpack with a zippered main compartment
  • Thanks to an additional strap can also be worn as a shoulder bag
  • Zippered compartment behind the back for valuables and other secrets 
  • Closing outer compartment under the tarp flap
  • Materials: Used truck tarp, B-stock airbag textile in its original colors white, pale blue or light pink

Available at all FREITAG Stores, selected resellers and

Launch: August 18, 2021
Dimensions: 430 × 110 × 300 mm (16.9 × 4.3 x 11.8 in)
Volume: 18 liters
Prices: CHF 190.- / EUR 180.- / GBP 160.- / USD 220 excl. TAX