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Athletes need to be flexible—both physically and mentally. And so do their bags. Luckily, we now have F660 JIMMY, the first flexible, variable-volume sports bag from FREITAG, produced from used truck tarps and a soft material sourced from discarded PET bottles.

Thanks to its adaptability, the bag’s never too big for exploits requiring a minimum of gear and never too small for giant outdoor chess adepts with a penchant for taking the odd queen or bishop along with them. In a nutshell, F660 JIMMY is the perfect bag for serial winners who plan to win a championship medal on the way home; as well as people interested in more bizarre, individual sports; and those just planning to bike home from work.

And for the first time ever, FREITAG sports bags have become team players. The F660 JIMMY isn’t just a recycled, individual one-off for solo sports fans: the PET material also comes in three different, basic team-building colors: foggy blue, marsala and black.

F660 JIMMY is the individual, variable-volume bag you can put to any number of uses on your way to your sports rendezvous.

  • Crossbody to crossfit or wherever else you choose thanks to long, adjustable shoulder strap
  • Grips to ensure you can grab any opportunity by the throat
  • Huge external pouch with inner pocket for your smartphone and gym lock connector
  • Elasticated bottle holder to keep things nice and tight
  • Large zippable inner compartment keeps dry stuff separate from wet
  • Materials: used truck tarps and a water-repellent PFC-free textile made by our production partners We aRe SpinDye® from discarded PET bottles using a water-saving process.

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Launch: January 16, 2020
Prices: CHF 250 / EUR 235 / GBP 210 / USD 280 excl. VAT / JPY 39’000 / CNY 2'180 / KRW 364’000
Dimensions: 470 × 190 × 260 mm (L × W × H) / 18.5 × 7.5 × 10.2 in (L × W × H)
Volume: 25 liters


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FREITAG, the Zurich-based company known for its recycled truck tarps, is now expanding its bag line by launching four new and innovative ToP products (Tarp on PET). They will be made from individual, used truck tarps combined with a flexible, robust and lightweight textile of 100% recycled PET plastic bottles.

FREITAG fell in love with truck tarps in 1993, and still feels pretty much the same as the very first day. But now, after more than 25 years, the Zurich bag manufacturers are looking beyond their beloved truck tarps; as rugged and unique as they are, there are certain criteria the tarps simply can’t meet. The ToP products are just as unique as every bag from FREITAG – thanks to the continued inclusion of truck tarps – but also soft, light, and flexible thanks to a textile made from PET bottles dyed with a water saving process.

FREITAG ToP products (Tarp on PET) are made from discarded truck tarps and recycled PET plastic bottles. The PFC-free material from our partner is made of 100% recycled PET and is colored by integrating the spin dye method, which uses much less water and energy and far fewer chemicals than conventional piece dyeing methods. More details: