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Perhaps not all good things come from above, but almost everything imaginable can be dropped  into this ToP backpack (Tarp on PET). The all-round zippable main compartment holds no less than 22 liters, and anything else you happen to pick up throughout the day can simply be hung on the strap. 

F600 CARTER is the top-loading backpack featuring a wide-opening flap and made from a strong, light ex-PET-bottle textile. It stands on a solid foundation made of FREITAG’s first true love: individual, recycled truck tarp.

  • upholstered compartment for laptops up to 15” and two side-pockets for abnormally fat wallets 
  • zippable pockets inside and out as well as a key clip on the shoulder strap
  • materials: all-around-zippable, top-loading main compartment made of water-repellent, PFC-free, 100% recycled PET textile, made using a water-saving process by our production partner We Are SpinDye®, and individual tarps

Technical Information
Launch: March 14, 2019
Dimensions: 260 × 150 × 400 mm, 10.2 × 5.9 × 15.7 inch (l × w × h)
Volume: 22 liters
Price: CHF 270.– / EUR 255.– / GBD 230.– / USD 300.– excl. TAX / JPY 42’000.– / CNY 2’280.– / KRW 394’000.–

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FREITAG, the Zurich-based company known for its recycled truck tarps, is now expanding its bag line by launching four new and innovative ToP products (Tarp on PET). They will be made from individual, used truck tarps combined with a flexible, robust and lightweight textile of 100% recycled PET plastic bottles.

FREITAG fell in love with truck tarps in 1993, and still feels pretty much the same as the very first day. But now, after more than 25 years, the Zurich bag manufacturers are looking beyond their beloved truck tarps; as rugged and unique as they are, there are certain criteria the tarps simply can’t meet. The ToP products are just as unique as every bag from FREITAG – thanks to the continued inclusion of truck tarps – but also soft, light, and flexible thanks to a textile made from PET bottles dyed with a water saving process.

FREITAG ToP products (Tarp on PET) are made from discarded truck tarps and recycled PET plastic bottles. The PFC-free material from our partner is made of 100% recycled PET and is colored by integrating the spin dye method, which uses much less water and energy and far fewer chemicals than conventional piece dyeing methods. More details: 

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