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F554 MAX

Please mention the Photo Credit: Bruno Alder


What does wealth mean? What does happiness mean? Does money make people happy? Could a rainbow make people even happier? And if it could, which colors of the rainbow would make people the happiest?

These are questions that have kept us – as deepthinking wallet makers – up at night and for which we can now provide all-encompassing, albeit temporary, answers.

Seeing as there are almost as many individual opinions on the topic as there are unique FREITAG products, we are limiting ourselves here to our two best and latest answers: F554 MAX & F555 CAROLINE – The new FREITAG truck-tarp-money-transporters that can carry any type and quantity of wealth in snap-fastened safety and which are now available in every individual happy-making color of the transport-route rainbow.

F554 MAX
Technical Information

Dimensions: 135 × 85 × 25 mm (l × w × h), 5.3 × 3.3 × 1.0 inch
Volume: Medium wallet with room for more than 6 cards
Design: Freitag Bros., 2013
Launch: October 10, 2013
Price: CHF 95.– / EUR 90.– / GBP 80.– / USD 105.– (excl. sales tax) / JPY 14’800.– / CNY 780.– / KRW 138’000.–



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Sound composed by NŒRD