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FREITAG is now giving worn-out ski boots a new life as circular iPhone® protectors, customizing them with a card case made from discarded truck tarp that will also fit the next generation of iPhone® cases. And the one after that. And even the one after the one after.

What do you use to protect your iPhone® without creating even more plastic waste when the sleeve no longer fits the next generation of devices? This question has been on FREITAG's mind for a while, but now the bag makers from Zurich have come up with a satisfactory answer: a three-part system consisting of a recycled and recyclable protective case, a detachable carrying cord and an individual card holder made from upcycled truck tarp, which will also fit into the sleeves for the next iPhone® or the one after that.
For the FREITAG CIRC-CASE the Zurich-based company works with different partners in Switzerland: The worn-out ski boots are taken apart in Davos. The shell parts made of thermoplastic polyurethane, or R-TPU for short, go to Rapperswil for further processing,
where they are extruded into a granulate. The material is then sent to Gossau, where it is cast directly onto the body of current iPhone® models. At the end of its life, the sleeve returns to the technological cycle: At, CIRC-CASE owners will find all the information they need to return the case. Anyone who'd like to get into the cycle in advance can bring their worn-out black ski boots to the ARGO Werkstätte in Davos in person.
F380 JUSTIN is a slim card case made of used truck tarp with the typical FREITAG tear-tab. It can be easily secured inside the CIRC-CASE holder and removed again. So, now you don't have to choose a new one-off when you get a new iPhone®. With the practical NECK STRAP – likewise unique thanks to a piece of tarp – the protective duo can be worn comfortably around the neck or hung over the shoulders. But for that, please turn F380 JUSTIN over first so that the cards stay where they are.

F385 CIRC-CASE for iPhone® 
The apres-ski-boot case in a cycle:

  •  recycled and recyclable protective sleeve made of recycled thermoplastic polyurethane (R-TPU)
  • customizable with the F380 JUSTIN cardholder
  • compatible with wireless charging (remove cards from F380 JUSTIN beforehand)
  • as R-TPU is made of 100% recycled material, the finishes and colors of the sleeves may vary slightly

Price: CHF 15.– / EUR 14.– / GBP 12.– / USD 16.– excl. TAX

F380 JUSTIN - Card Holder for Phone Case
Just in case you still need a credit card or ID to go with your iPhone®:

  • individual card case made of used truck tarp
  • with the typical FREITAG rapid-action tear-tab and space for up to two credit or identity cards
  • fits in any CIRC-CASE thanks to the precision fitting holder or in any pants pocket without the holder

Dimensions: 67 × 95 mm (l x h) / 2.6 × 3.7 inch (w x h)
Price: CHF 35.– / EUR 34.– / GBP 30.– / USD 40.– excl. TAX

F381 NECK STRAP – For F385 Generation 15
The smart accessory for free hands and free space in your pants pockets:

  • simply put it in the F385 CIRC-CASE and click in the iPhone® – done.
  • adjust the length: simply tie a knot!
  • made from small scraps of material generated during FREITAG bag production
  • compatible with F385 CIRC-CASE 15 and newer models

Cord length: 125 cm
Launch: June 26, 2024




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