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Please mention the photo credit: Oliver Nanzig


When our campaign material buyer Zepa found an old tarp backpack hidden away at the back of our warehouse, she didn’t know if it had ever really been an official FREITAG product. But it didn’t take long for her to find out that it was one of the first two FREITAG backpacks from 1997. And it took her even less time to bag it for herself. Since she started walking around with her new fave, people in our stores, warehouse and customer service have bombarded us with inquiries about the two FREITAG ur-backpacks. So, we’ve decided to produce again unique copies of each of the two design classics: for all those of you who were still too young or not even born in ’97, and for everyone who missed it back then.

The great-great-grandparents and even-greater great-grandparents of all today’s FREITAG backpacks: No-frill design classics, unpadded and unlined, made from nothing but used truck tarps, bicycle inner tubes and safety belts.

  • Backpacks that are clearly recognizable from the large flap and that typical FREITAG sound when the Velcro fastener is torn open
  • Versatile-volume main compartment with adjustable shoulder strap and short handle
  • Zippered side access directly to the main compartment for anyone who doesn’t like going in and out through the same door all the time
  • Large external pouch in the flap plus another inner pocket concealed by the flap
  • Additional webbing belt with G-hook fastening (only on F133 BONANZA)


Launch: November 12, 2020

270 × 130 × 350 mm / ext. 450 mm (L × W × H), 10.6 × 5.1 × 13.8 in / ext. 17.7 in (L × W × H)
Volume: 11 liters / ext. 16 liters
Price: CHF 260.– / EUR 240.– /  USD 290.– excl. TAX / GBP 210.– / JPY 34’000.– excl. TAX / CNY 2’180.– / KRW 346’000.–

300 × 150 × 390 mm / ext. 520 mm (L × W × H), 11.8 × 5.9 × 15.3 in / ext. 20.5 in (L × W × H)
Volume: 19 liters / ext. 24 liters
Price: CHF 290.– / EUR 270.– / USD 320.– excl. TAX / GBP 240.– / JPY 38’000.– excl. TAX / CNY 2’440.– / KRW 382’000.– 



Welcome to the F-ederation, our new, loose association of urban individuals, truckers circling round the circular economy, old F-riends and new owners of new products made from old tarp... and the list goes on. While no two members are the same, everyone enjoys the same status and preferential treatment. On November 12, the F132 FURY and F133 BONANZA, the great-grandfather and even greater grandfather of all FREITAG backpacks, will be making their return. Not permanently, but for a while. Official F-ederation members can already choose their F-avorite one now.


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