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To be admired at the MoMA in New York, to be acquired in selected shops worldwide. The FREITAG TOP CAT and DRAGNET rank as classics among messenger bags. First created in the early 1990s, they are not a short-lived niche product but have set the standards in regard to design, quality and functionality. Then as now, the bags are distinguished by the striking concept and execution: handmade from used truck tarpaulins, bicycle inner tubes and car seat belts, the FREITAG Classics are a loyal companion to see you through the decades. After all, the materials used have already travelled far and wide and are hardwearing.

The FREITAG Classics have spawned many imitators in the last twelve years. Good thing for FREITAG: the more numerous the copies, the more FREITAG established itself as a must-have product. Also because each individual bag is a unique product, as individual as the wearers themselves. FREITAG bags are available in all manner of colours, from a smudged white and pastel yellow combo to Ferrari red – depending on the tarps coming off the world’s highways into the FREITAG lab. at the time.
The Classics TOP CAT and DRAGNET are the original «individual recycled freeway bags», sturdy, stable, unique and highly versatile. TOP CAT and Dragnet are extendable in two steps and come equipped with an inner and outer pocket as well as a hip belt for urbane frequent bikers. The TOP CAT measures 430 × 120 × 360 mm, the DRAGNET 360 × 120 × 330 mm.

The very first version of the TOP CAT – then a dirty shade of grey and somewhat crude in its form – is held by Zurich Museum of Design. Since 2003, the FREITAG TOP CAT can be found in the design collection of the MoMA in New York.

Technical Information:
Launch: 1993
Dimensions: 430 × 120 × 360 mm / 16.9 × 4.7 × 14.2 in (l × w × h)
Volume: 22 – 40 liters
Price: CHF 290.– / EUR 275.– / GBP 250.– / USD 330.– excl. TAX / JPY 45'200.– excl. TAX / CNY 2'480.–/ KRW 424'000.–

Available at all FREITAG Stores, selected resellers, and at


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Sound composed by NŒRD