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Media release, May 11, 2022


FREITAG is turning its customers into self-reliant design pros: From now on, at, they can fulfill their wildest bag dreams and have their very own, super-unique model cut from the used truck tarps of their choice.

Conventional bag producers call it “cutting”; at FREITAG, we call it “bag design”. Because here, F-Workers create every single bag by individually cutting the best and most beautiful motifs out of the tarps with their stencils and cutter knives. Now, FREITAG is inviting this tough but creative job to users who feel up to tackling it themselves after FREITAG employees on the sales front have faced many questions around specific inventory such as: 

  • “Do you also have the bag in dark blue with a ‘Y’, preferably in snow white and the ‘Y’ a few millimeters to the left.”
  • “Hmm, nothing against the new one, but I still prefer the old Helvetica”
  • “That’s bang on. And if it had a red-and-yellow inner compartment for contrast, it would be perfect.” 

At FREITAG, we don’t like saying no to individualists, so we brought together internal and external UX and bag designers, logistics specialists, interface and bag-sewing professionals and many other experts to invent F-Cut—a new, virtual form of bag design with actual bag output. If you can’t find a bag that looks exactly the way you want among the 100,000 or so FREITAG one-offs currently on sale somewhere in the world, FREITAG is now inviting you to design your own at, the online cutting table. From now on, with four virtual templates and a choice of 20 to 50 different digitized truck tarps, you can design your own F712 DRAGNET messenger bag, to suit your own taste.
Then it’s all down to the pleasure of anticipation while you wait for real people to cut your uber-unique model from real truck tarps and sew the parts of the bag together with straps, bike inner tubes and buckles. And, of course, for your bag to arrive a few weeks later at the door of the hopefully still proud designer. In contrast with our standard online shopping policy, you can’t return a unique item you’ve designed yourself—our motto with an F-Cut is: It’s all your F-ault. 
Incidentally, the F-Cut idea tracks back to almost 20 years ago, when a young multimedia student invented, designed, programmed and turned the first F-Cut into reality with the help of FREITAG for his final-year project. Today, FREITAG is excited to share that the same coder, Severin Klaus, worked together with a team from the digital agency Dept, to create today’s new development. The 2022 version of F-Cut is more contemporary and user-friendly and continues to work as well as the mother of all digital customization applications of yesteryear.


Choice of tarps: 20 - 50 pieces
Lead time: 4 - 6 weeks (excluding delivery)
Delivery: global

Model: F712 DRAGNET
Your uber-customized, self-designed version of the classic, medium-sized FREITAG messenger bag.
·       volume expandable in two steps
·       outer and inner compartment
·       additional hip belt for cyclists
·       optionally with FREITAG logo or special MY F-AULT logo 
·       special F-Cut label always featured on the belt
Dimensions: 360 × 120 × 330-540 mm (L × W × H) /
14.2 × 4.7 × 13-21.3 in. (L × W × H)
Volume: 12 –  25 l
Prices: CHF 290 / EUR 270 / GBP 240 / USD 320 excl. TAX 

Launch: May, 2022

24/7 availability at:


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