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On Black Friday, FREITAG is closing its online store and encouraging people to beat the buying hysteria by going into swap mode. We’ll also be joining forces with like-minded brands to add even more weight to our commitment to sustainable and meaningful consumption.

Since its first bag, which was made in 1993 from a tough old truck tarp, FREITAG has focused on long-lasting products and refuses to submit to the short-lived seasonal approach of the fashion industry. So it's no wonder that the circular-supporting bag manufacturers never really warmed to the consumerist excesses of Black Friday either. 
As in the past, we'll be closing our online store on this day and redirecting all visitors to the website straight to our bag exchange platform S.W.A.P. (Shopping Without Any Payment). Using the Tinder principle, FREITAG owners can swap their long-lived, one-of-a-kind items with each other, cutting out the drama and eliminating costs and waste.
And because we find bag swapping more sustainable than shopping madness and community better than consumption, we've been on the lookout for like-minded brands. Together with them, we’d like to use this day to make a plea for sensible consumption instead of mindless wastefulness.



There are plenty of good reasons for not being part of Black Friday. With all its over the top discount hysteria, it's a day that helps very few and harms a lot more - be it in social, ecological or economic terms. We've no desire to support this kind of frenzied consumerism, either as producers or personally as consumers.

And on this day, that's precisely why we – a handful of like-minded brands – are not just saying no, but standing together. We'll be fielding various initiatives and constructive actions for fair and sustainable ways of doing business and consuming, including:

  • The bag makers at FREITAG are closing their online store and getting people to swap bags instead.
  • flamingos life, known for their vegan sneakers, are likewise closing their online store for the day.
  • The soapmakers at Soeder are calling on their customers to refill without waste. 
  • Secrid, the cardprotector inventors, are offering their customers a free repair service.
  • The sustainable surf and yoga clothing pros, Oy, are also closing their online store and calling for donations instead. 
  • The folding bike pioneer Brompton is offering a free bike hire in the UK to encourage riding instead of spending.

Thanks for saying no and spreading the word.


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