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Media release, November 16, 2023


For 30 years, thinking and acting in cycles has been at the core of FREITAG. Needless to say, a corporate philosophy like this has nothing in common with mindless Black Friday discounts. That's why, on the day dedicated to absurd, excessive consumption, the Zurich-based bag makers are closing not only their Online Store, but also, for the first time, the checkouts in all their physical Stores. So, on Black Friday, bag lovers won’t be able to buy a bag. But they can at least borrow one for free at any FREITAG Store.

Once again, on Black Friday, FREITAG has decided to stand up for a "yes" to a sustainable economy and a "no" to mass consumption. The day of overblown discounts simply isn’t compatible with FREITAG's aim to make more conscious and careful use of resources. That's why we prefer to do something completely at odds with all the hullabaloo: on Black Friday we’ll be closing our Online Store and, for the first time, not even selling bags at our brick-and-mortar Stores from Zurich to Milan and Tokyo for 24 hours.


But to ensure that anyone who still needs a bag on Black Friday doesn't miss out, FREITAG is unceremoniously re-purposing its Stores as temporary lending outlets in the afternoon. So, even if you can't buy a bag on Black Friday, you can at least borrow one for free for two weeks. With that, FREITAG is putting out an unmistakable signal that the future lies in durable, resource-saving products and circular forms of consumption: Borrowing instead of buying, using instead of owning. 

FREITAG isn’t alone in its stance. As in previous years, the company has teamed up with other like-minded brands to give a louder voice to the "no" to Black Friday and the "yes" to more conscious consumption.


There are plenty of good reasons for not being part of Black Friday. With all its over the top discount hysteria, it's a day that helps very few and harms a lot more – be it in social, ecological or economic terms. We've no desire to support this kind of frenzied consumerism, either as producers or personally as consumers.

And on this day, that's precisely why we – a handful of like-minded brands – are not just saying no, but standing together. We'll be fielding various initiatives and constructive actions for fair and sustainable ways of doing business and consuming, including:

  • The bag makers at FREITAG are not selling any products for 24 hours and are offering to borrow a bag instead.
  • The circular denim experts from MUD Jeans close their online store and launch their Pre-Loved platform with a live shopping event.
  • Fashion brand RÆBURN is disabling its online store and is hosting a free repairs event at their East London studio. 
  • flamingos life, known for their plant-based sneakers, are likewise closing their online store for the day.
  • The folding bike pioneer Brompton is offering free access to cycling around the world to encourage riding instead of spending.


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