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Breaker, FREITAG flooring it to Cologne.

 Please mention the Photo Credit: Manos Meisen


Yo de Cologne
What started out as an excuse to rent an apartment in the mountains is becoming an integral part of FREITAG distribution: Exactly 15 years after the first bag was made, FREITAG opens their fourth store. This time it’s Cologne.

First, there was the FREITAG Store Davos: A neat little shop and the justification to keep an apartment where Markus, Daniel, the F-Crew and F-riends hung out during the winter season. Then we trucked it to Hamburg: Putting up a trailer-sized shelf structure inside the store to prove that FREITAG works even where people consider themselves «nordisch by nature». Third came Zurich: The F-Tower made from 17 containers which was awarded the «Designpreis der Bundesrepublik Deutschland».

Each FREITAG Store has its very own story. But they all have one thing in common: They work. With 1'600 individual FREITAG bags on display, every visitor will find that one design that clings, the one bag that was «made for them». You should try it out sometime. It’s magic.

The FREITAG Store Cologne is the latest manifestation of Swiss cultural imperialism: No vast flagship memorial temple, but a shop as tight as an eighteen-wheeler in a cul-de-sac, with truckloads of bag-turned tarps to browse.

FREITAG Store Cologne, Friesenwall 24, 50672 D-Cologne