Media Overview

F26 AGENDA 2022

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When was the last time you picked up an old photo album? Or came across a yellowed school notebook or an old diary in the attic? Priceless moments! Some rituals simply require analog media. And for many people, setting their agenda still is one of those rituals.

FREITAG presents the pad for those who believe in recycled tarps and original thought, paper and a nice Japanese pencil. With the clever F26 AGENDA, you can organize your ideas intuitively, without batteries, and starting as early as October 2021.

Made from used truck tarpaulins with intelligent and sometimes hidden inner compartments, a Pentel 205 pencil, biodegradable ATOMA insert; easily exchangeable or upgradeable by getting an F26 NOTEBOOK REFILL; includes the almost legendary micro-innovation we call the «wandering bookmarks».

Technical Information
Launch: July 2021
Dimensions: 186 × 145 × 20 mm, 7.32 × 5.71 × 0.79 inch (l × w × h)
Volume: 365 days
Price: Price: CHF 120.– / EUR 98.– / GBP 98.– / USD 140.– excl. TAX / JPY 17'160.– / KRW 158'000.- / CNY 980.-

Available at all FREITAG Stores, selected resellers, and at  


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Sound composed by NŒRD